Cost Plus Business is the solution for civil engineering, land surveying and arquitectural drafting.

Civil Engineering | Surveying | Architectural

  • Hiring and keeping employees locally, is not always easy.
  • No overheads - software, office space, hiring.
  • We will help you take up new projects, by providing you drafting support, on demand.
  • focus on your business, by letting us worry about CAD support.

Under the current market conditions, small civil engineering and land surveying firms find themselves under pressure to keep their employees under payroll without running out of working capital to continue their business.
It is difficult to lay off employees without knowing how long a down turn in the economy would last. However, reducing the number of employees means limiting the capabilities of the team and available men hours that could compromise the company if an old project were to revive or new ones come in the door.
CPB can provide you with the help you need in the times you need it most without the overhead and additional expenses that an employee on payroll might give, such as state and federal taxes, insurance, benefits, overtime, etc.